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In The House

Harry Joynes -- Drums

Tom Mazzuca -- Sax

Nick Nicholas -- Guitar & Vocals

Jim Rivers -- Bass

Gary Schultz -- Keyboards


Special Guests


Harry "The Man" Joynes (Drums)

Mr. Joynes began his career as a percussionist when he was a child in 1966.  Since then he has traveled around the world listening to the essential universal rhythms that we all have within ourselves because music knows no barriers.  Harry has refined and honed his chops to a level of proficiency that can only be described as "In The Pocket" and consistently packs the dance floor wherever he performs.  He is well know for his unique style as he plays left handed, but is really right handed.

Harry has played with many prominent bands around the Pacific Northwest and was the recipient of the prestigious Washington Blues Society award for "Best Drummer" for 1995 and 1996.  He has also played with several national artists; Billy Branch, Carl Weathersby, John "So Blue" Weston and Sista Monica.  His style and technique are a reflection of the many genres that influence his playing style.