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Guests and Former Players

Jim Rivers - Bass

Jim is a fabulous Bass player who knows what the pocket is all about.  He was a long time member of the band and still fills in occasionally.

Mark Hotton - Drums & Vocals

Mark, a long time member of the band fills in occasionally whenever we need a drummer.  Mark currently plays in a 3-piece classic rock band called "The Resonators".

Wayne Ledbetter - Sax

Wayne is an incredible  musician playing killer tenor, alto and soprano sax.  He can even play them both at the same time!  WOW!!!

Harry Joynes - Drums

Harry, another former member, is a very talented drummer who we feel lucky for the fact that we can still call on him occasionally.

Tom "Zuke" Mazzuca - Sax

Tom was an original member of the band and will be missed greatly.  He is currently playing with "Sister Monk" and we wish him all the best.